Philip Winston Leonhardt

Rich boy going for his PHD



Name: Philip Leonhardt
Age: 28          Ht: 6'1"             Wt: 205 
Eyes: blue       Hair: Black          Skin: tanned 
Marks: plucked eyebrows, surgery strait nose, perfect white teeth
Home town: Jupiter Island, Florida             Starting profession: Trust Fund 
Hobbies: Golf, Sailing, Boxing                Obsession: BDSM
Religion or beliefs: None to speak of but when dad runs for office it's protestant
Major: Biology                                Minor: Human Sexuality
Family: 2 Parents Divorced
Attribute                   Ranks taken    Cost                Total XP Spent
Weapon Skill:    40               0          250                         #
Ballistic skill: 25               0          500                         #
Strength:        40               0          100                         #
Toughness:       30               0          500                         #
Agility:         40               0          100                         #
Intelligence:    50               0          100                         #
Perception:      35               0          250                         #
Willpower:       35               0          250                         #
Fellowship:      25               0          500                         #
Grand Total #
Skill             Basic Trained +10   +20     Cost               Total xp Spent     
Acrobatics    (A)     o      o      o      o    o                         #    
Awareness     (P)     X      X      o      o    o                         #
Barter        (F)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Blather       (F)     o      X      o      o    o                         #
Carouse       (T)     X      o      o      o    o                         #
Charm         (F)     X      X      o      o    o                         #
Chem-Use      (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Ciphers       (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Climb         (A)     X      o      o      o    o                         #
Command       (F)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Common Lore   (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Concealment   (A)     X      o      o      o    o                         #
Contortionist (A)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Deceive       (F)     X      X      o      o    o                         #
Demolition    (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Disguise      (F)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Dodge         (A)     X      X      o      o    o                         #
Drive         (A)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
  (car)               o      X      o      o    o                         #
  (MC)                o      o      o      o    o                         #
  (big rig)           X      o      o      o    o                         #
  (tracked)           o      o      o      o    o                         #
Evaluate      (I)     o      X      o      o    o                         #
Gamble        (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Inquiry       (F)     X      o      o      o    o                         #
Interrogation (W)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Intimidation  (S)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Lip reading   (P)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Literacy      (I)     o      X      o      o    o                         #
Logic         (I)     o      X      o      o    o                         #
Medicae       (I)     o      o      o      X    o                         #
Navigation    (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
  (urban)             o      o      o      o    o                         #
  (wilderness)        o      o      o      o    o                         #
Performer     (F)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
    Piano             o      X      o      o    o            
    Vocal             o      X      o      o    o      
Pilot         (A)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
  Civilian            o      o      o      o    o                         #
  Military            o      o      o      o    o                         #
Scholastic lore(I)    o      o      o      o    o                         #
       Medicine       o      X      o      o    o       
       Anatomy        o      X      o      o    o          
       Neurology      o      X      o      o    o       
Scrutiny      (P)     X      o      o      o    o                         #
Search        (P)     X      o      o      o    o                         #
Security      (A)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Shadowing     (A)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Silent move   (A)     X      o      o      o    o                         # 
Sleight o hand(A)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Speak Language(I)     o      o      o      o    o                         # 
   (English)          o      X      o      o    o                         #        
   (French)           o      X      o      o    o
   (Italian)          o      X      o      o    o
   (Spanish)          o      X      o      o    o
Survival      (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #     
   (urban)            o      o      o      o    o                         #
   (temperate)        o      o      o      o    o                         #
   (desert)           o      o      o      o    o                         #
   (arctic)           o      o      o      o    o                         #
   (jungle)           o      o      o      o    o                         #
Swim          (S)     X      o      o      o    o                         #       
Tech Use      (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #       
   (Mechanical)       o      o      o      o    o                         #
   (Electronic)       X      o      o      o    o                         #     
Trade         (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #      
Wrangling     (I)     o      o      o      o    o                         #
Grand Total ####
Talent                 Effect                                       Cost   Total  
Peer (the super rich)   +10 to fel with the super rich                 #       #
Master surgeon          +10 medicae heavily/crit patients, +20 tough to limb loss
Basic Melee Training
Grand Total ####
Fate Points    2
Wounds         8
Insanity       none yet
Weapon      Range      ROF       Dam       Pen     Clip     Rld     Modifiers
fist            #       #/#/#     1d5+1   dub armor  #        #      hit does 1 fatigue
Hummer H1 Open top fully loaded, perfect red paintjob, never been off road
Wardrobe of 3 piece suits and Armani leisure wear 
Men's 4.65ct Princess Diamond Pinky Ring 14k Black Gold
Stefano Ricci Square Cufflinks
Mens ROLEX Daytona Oyster Perpetual Watch
Sweet ass entertainment system
Macbook Pro
set of golf clubs
boxing gloves, practice gloves
BDSM "gear"

Philip is going to begin his residency next year. His above average intellect and grasp of the English language have set him a step above his peers and he has already received several promising job offers. His personality has quite a bit to be desired. While he may be a good looking fellow his social graces are lacking to the point of being crude. If he doesn’t like you he will simply ignore you and if you have not left by the time he thinks you should have he will ask you why you are still insulting him with your presence. This has lost him more than one potential friend. An introvert to a fault he has little to no desire for companionship and really only engages in social events because it is expected. He flaunts his money partially because it attracts the gold diggers and partially because it pisses off the rest of the world. His nails are perfectly manicured, his hair cut every Tuesday, his body perfectly sculpted. Everything in his life must be perfect and orderly or he is not happy, but then he is never truly happy anyway. The only time anyone really likes his company is when he is drunk or when he is buying.

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Philip Winston Leonhardt

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