the ghost walkers

“The ghost walkers? all you need to know is your life will be much longer if you turn away now and return to yer city. dont go seekin those demons boy.”

“I must Oldfather, I must. From what Ive heard your wisdom is my only chance for survival. I must know the tribe before i make contact and according to Skrell you are the only ork for a hundred miles that has not only had dealings with them but has lived amongst them.”

“Skrell is a liar and a whore. every one knows that, stupid boy.”

“I have gold.”

“now now now. I guess you aint that stupid after all. yeah I spent some time with ’em. so… how heavy is that purse?”

The stout dwarf in the red satin robes reached into their folds and produced a purse of significant size and passed it across the table to the grizzled old orc. the orc smiled an ugly smile that showed his broken brown teeth, the ones that were left at any rate.

the ghost walkers

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